Rules & Fees


All teams are required to use wood bats.

Each team will play a 12 game schedule.

All games will be 7 inn or 1hr and 50 min.

There will be 1 extra inning played, after that the game ends in a tie.

Teams may use EH along with DH if elected (both are optional)

Under High School Rules Starters can re-enter

Each team will be home 1 game of the double header.

There are no protest for games.

Any player or coach that gets ejected from a game must set out the next scheduled game.

Any player or coach that gets ejected a second time must set out the next 3 games.

Any player or coach that gets ejected a third time will be removed from the league.

Teams must supply game balls every game.

Winning teams must report scores after every game.

Teams will follow all other rules and guidelines from 2017 AABC rule book.



All trash must be cleaned out from both dugouts after games are complete.

Field and restroom lights must be turned off and gates locked. Lights do not go on until necessary.

Fields will be opened 1hr before game time and shut down following completion.

If you need extended time to talk to your team, please move to the parking lot.

If rain outs occur teams will be notified 3 hrs before game time.

Batting helmets must be worn by all players and coaches in batting cages.



$2,500.00  ( 12 Games )